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What's up Deviants?

Just wanted to let you guys know, I am currently working on a poster for the Graphic Novel I'm working on. It features head shots of two characters not in my gallery at the moment. It's a nice piece. I've finished the line work for the four images that I'm going to compile together, I just have to tone it up via Photoshop and arrange the layers like I want to see them portrayed for the final image. Expect that next weekend.

Why next weekend?

Well, truth is, my time for actually drawing has been limited. Not because of school or work in particular, but I have found out exactly how incredibly difficult this process of writing a graphic novel is. So, most of my energy has been invested in the actual writing process of that work, since ultimately that should come before the graphic work. Thus far I have completed the history of the world it takes place in, the currency system, the government/political system, all my groups/factions/special interests have been listed and described them in full, I have finished writing the Central Idea of the story, and the Plot. Honestly, that isn't even the majority of the work, but it is everything you generally MUST do in order for the next part to flow as smoothly as possible:

The Synopsis.

That's right, I'm working on a generalized version of the novel's "play by play". This is extremely time consuming, and has stretched my storytelling idea's to the limit thus far. I have completed up to chapter seven thus far, with my page layouts being anywhere from 15-19 panels per chapter so far. I have to say, I am quite impressed by it thus far.

Anyway, after the Synopsis is done, at LEAST I can pick up a drawing pencil and start the really fun part of creating this thing... even though I only get to draw thumbnails. :( After that though, I get to do the ACTUAL Panels. Which is going to be loads of fun!

That's the update though, and I'll have that poster up by next weekend.

Keep your pencils busy.
Hey everyone, just wanted to take a moment to shout out to a particular member: kazanjianm

This guy created a group called: #YouTubeArtistsonDA

This group has really givin' me the chance to show my work, show my knowledge, and just network in general. If you haven't already, drift over to the group, watch/fave on Kazanjianm's page and let him know that he's doing great work. A LOT of good artists and a ton of potential in this group. :)

- IK
Hey everyone, in case you didn't already notice, I added quite a bit of work today that I've done of the course of the past few weeks. Just some line work for characters in my project Graphic Novel titled: The ROOT. I appreciate the many hits they've received already. Don't forget to add your comments, and if you're new to my work ass me to your Watchlist so you never miss a new deviation! That's it for today. Drop your feedback below.

- MB
Hey everyone. Been a long, long time since I've updated this. I've completed quite a few pictures since then, and between having a new baby (Alleyne, 10 month old baby boy at this point), full time at work, full time at school... I sort of got lost with this whole thing. Later in the day I will be posting some black and white line work for characters in my project graphic novel, titled: The ROOT. In the mean time, yesterday I drew a picture and pushed it all the way to finished quality in celebration of my two year anniversary of picking up a pencil to draw. You can check it out in my gallery in the Fan Arts folder. It's a character named Yumi from Miki Falls, a graphic novel series created by Mark Crilley. If you have not heard of him, you should definitely google him and buy his books. They're outstanding. Anyhow, take a look... Enjoy, comment, rate, all that stuff. See you later!
Hi Deviants,

Been a minute since I updated this, and I'm sorry for that. A lot of my attention has been going into the practice for the characters on my Graphic Novel. That being said, I did promise a sneak peak, and I'll try to get that out as soon as possible. Still waiting on getting my studio completely up and running.

- MB
Hey Deviants!

Look for a sneak peak at my main villain for my upcoming graphic novel tomorrow!

- MB
Hi Deviants,

Work on the graphic novel moves forward steadily, but I think it's time to step up the pace. Just finished up my studio, purchased my drafting table, scanner, laptop, and tablet.

Here is a question:

Do your research on this with me. What type of paper should I use to print my panels on do you guys think?

As for the sneak peak at one of my characters, that should be coming within the next week or two. All depending on how long it takes my cable company to organize hooking up my internet.

Anyone that is interested, let me know! Your interest truly serves as my motivator.


- MB
Hello Deviants,

Just want to get a vague perception on interest in my graphic novel here. I am wrapping up a supplemental character who plays a pretty solid roll in the project. I am willing to put up a spoiler picture of him of his conceptual image (my base image pretty much for reproducing him later) if the interest is there.

Let me know if you're interested, and I'll get it posted.

- Mke
The time has come for me to begin work on the main villain of my graphic novel, which leaves me brainstorming on his appearance. That being said, I figured I would extend an opportunity for those who might care to offer me their opinions on the matter.

In all your time of reading manga and the sort, what are some of your favorite physical features of villains?

Let me know what you think, and you just might see some of them put to practice on my own character.

Posted some additional work that I had finished and finished the scanning/editting for. I hope whomever decides to take a look enjoys the work.

Remember that I don't do shading and coloring at this time, not because I am not capable, but because I like the feel of pure linework. When I acquire my tablet in a few weeks, I will be going back and shading/toning these images. I sort of feel I want to keep them black and white though. So, for those that do enjoy my work, you have that to look forward to along with additional pictures as they develop.

For anyone curious, NarutoD20 is a tabletop supplement for Modern D20 created by Frankto Vinneti which can be downloaded at

It's a pretty fantastic little piece of work. The characters you see in front of you come straight from my head, with a little help from inspirational reference work. They are all a part of a campaign that I host.

In the coming days, look forward to some of my older work, which is colored with prismacolor colored pencils and pen.

Enjoy, leave feedback, favorite, watch, whatever... Mostly just enjoy! :)
No one really jumped at the opportunity to offer opinions on the attire of the main character of my upcoming manga. So, I went ahead and finished her concept. If anyone is interested, I will go ahead and post her conceptual drawing. Let me know.

If you have twitter, feel free to follow me at:

I post questions to Mark Crilley, and give general updates to my graphic novel.

Remember, if you have any general suggestions or questions, let me know here or via twitter.
Hello Deviants.

As you may or may not already know I am in the process of creating my own manga, and I am at that phase in which one has to develop his interesting characters. Idealy, his main character. Ultimately, I have finished the figure after about an hour of work, and wanted to get a public opinion on what others feel I should make her attire.

Details on the character:

Name: Hitomi Rei
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1
Weight: Approximately 100 LBS.
Distinquishing Mark: A tattoo on her stomach

What I am looking for:

Essentially, I am looking for public opinions on what I should have her wear within her respective timeline (modern/future kind of). I could really draw anything on her, so I encourage creativity here. Whomever gives me the best idea will be given credit when the picture is completed when I post it with a special thanks. When formulating your idea's, keep in mind this is a main character.

As a reward for this act of assisted creativity, I will design one of my side characters in my manga in accordance with whatever the person wishes (within the confines of the story, obviously).

I will end this contest (persay) in three days time. Good luck!


- Mike